Embark on an open vehicle safari in Kruger National Park. You will be guided by a qualified and experienced guide, that will be answering any questions you might have about the surroundings and sightings. View wildlife from an open game viewer vehicle, that seats 9 people in total. The majority of wildlife in Kruger is accustomed to vehicles and do not associate the vehicle with humans, which they fear. Therefore, at times we can view wildlife at very close quarters. Remember to always remain within the vehicle, and only alight in designated areas. Blankets are issued for cold days.

NOURISH ECO VILLAGE (Additional activity for longer stay)

NOURISH is a local non-profit organization that helps the surrounding community, and raise awareness on conservation issues. Interact with the local villagers as you go on a walking tour, and visit the local 'Sangoma', or traditional healer. Explore the Eco village and have a taste of some local food. We want to create a community that cares for humans, the natural surroundings and wildlife. Volunteer programs are available for further involvement.

MOHOLOHOLO WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTRE (Additional activity for longer stay)

Moholoholo rehab centre aims at creating awareness about conservation in Southern Africa, and revealing the pressures that wild animals face due to human development. Through education, interaction and volunteer programs, the centre offers daily tours to share the passion and dedication put into saving wild animals.

BLYDE CANYON DAM BOAT CRUISE (Additional activity for longer stay)

Enjoy a boat cruise within the Blyde river canyon. Beautiful views and the possibility to see hippo's and Nile crocodiles up close are highlights of this 1,5 hour cruise.

Sunset game drive

The sunset drive is an open view safari vehicle game drive in a private game reserve, where we will be off-roading at dusk, in search of the more illusive nocturnal creatures that emerge for the night time. We also enjoy a short sun-downer stop, where we can admire the sunset with a drink and snack. The reserve has an array of wildlife, and safari adventure!

We could be lucky to spot some rare and endangered species. The photo's below is just a quick glimpse of this beautiful reserve.

Blyde River Canyon view and hike

The Blyde River Canyon dam view

Marvel at the beauty of the canyon, at it's end, where the Blyde river is dammed, and provides for some magnificent scenery. Maybe we are lucky, and spot a crocodile or some hippo's. The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is home to a diversity of animals, trees and plants.

A short hike in the wilds

There are a variety of hikes within the canyon. Time allows us for a short hike, which, depending on the season will lead us either to a small remote waterfall, or along the main river. The serenity and tranquility is bound to leave some memorable moments.

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